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Seasonal camping on beautiful Gillies Lake

Seasonal Camping

Mountain Trout Camp seasonal campsites are spacious, treed and private. The friendly people and sense of community allow both children and adults to enjoy themselves while making lasting memories. View our events page for planned entertainment. See below for trailers for sale.

Seasonal campsites are rated Bronze, Silver or Gold and are rated according to size, features and location. All lots include 30 amp metered hydro, water, and sewage. There is a seasonal fee for our open season, and a winter storage fee applies for our closed season. A one-time admin fee and a refundable security deposit also apply. See below for all associated fees.

We offer seasonal or monthly trailer rentals. Inquire for more information.

Seasonal Rates

Open Sites

Trailers for Sale

Seasonal Camper Park Rules (in addition to Park Rules listed under Rules tab)


Seasonal Rates

Subject to change with or without notice. Taxes are in addition to rates and fees listed.

  • Seasonal sites – Bronze = $2,620. Silver = $2,970. Gold = $3,300.

  • Winter Storage ‐ $475 fee to store trailer and/or belongings when campground is closed.

  • Trailer Sales ‐ Management acts as a broker on all trailer sales and receives 10% of sale price. All potential sales and purchasers must be pre‐approved by Owner. 

  • Administrative fee ‐ $400 – One‐time admin fee for new seasonal campers.

  • Site deposit - $200 - Refunded when vacating site as long as no cleanup, damage, or outstanding payments.

  • Hydro – Per kilowatt fee plus an annual hydro meter reading fee of $25. Billed once per season.

  • Boat Slips - Season regular $470. Season pontoon or large boat $520. Season boat trailer storage $100.

  • Visitor – Persons aged 15 and under are free. The fee for persons 16 and over is $5 per night or for a day visit when Occupant is present.  $15 per night or day visit when Occupant not present (subject to pre‐approval). Visitors fee applies to persons living in the same household 16 or over who are not children of occupants. 

  • Septic – The first three pump-outs of the 250-gallon septic holding tank each season are free. Each additional pump‐out costs $40. If a tank is more than 90% full, there will be an extra $20 fee. If three pump-outs have already been made before end of season, then $10 will be charged for each quarter tank for the final pump-out.

  • 420lb Propane Tank Rental – Optional 420lb (380 liters) propane tank rental. Yearly tank rental fee, per liter charge, inspection fee and installation and removal fees apply. Optional fuel top ups offered twice a season for those with 40% or less fuel. 

  • Trailer Help – General help $30/hr (min 1 hour). Winterization & De‐winterization - inquire at office.

  • Structure Fee - If a structure such as a bunkie or shed on a site results in higher property taxes, this amount will be added to the seasonal site fee.

  • Garbage removal - See office for disposal fee of large items such as furniture, mattresses or appliances. 

  • Card Processing Surcharge Fee - A 2.4% card processing fee will be charged for all invoices and/or payments greater than $1000, that are paid by prepaid gift cards, credit cards and mobile wallets such as Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay. Please notify in advance before paying by any of these methods.

  • Invoice Late Payment Processing Fee - When an invoice has not been fully paid by the due date, a late payment processing fee of $20 will apply. 

  • Insurance - Private full coverage and liability insurance required for trailer/structures.


Open Sites

Enquire with us about open seasonal site availability.

Trailers for Sale

Trailers for Sale

Site C9 - 2004 Keystone Sprinter 30-Foot Trailer - $11,500

2004 30-ft Keystone Sprinter travel trailer. 1 bedroom in front with queen bed, 2 sets of single bunk beds in back, sleeps up to 10. Great condition. Fully equipped kitchen, new gas/electric water heater installed in 2021, new toilet, awning replaced. Deck, gas BBQ, 1 kayak, some chairs, some linens. Asking $11,500


Site D11 - 2008 Keystone Springdale 29-Foot Trailer - $30,000

2008 29-ft Keystone Springdale travel trailer with tip-out on a private site. 1 bedroom, queen size bed with new mattress. Living room with 2 chairs and loveseat. Dining room table with 4 chairs. L-shaped kitchen counter with 3-burner stove and oven, propane/electric fridge with freezer and bar fridge. Includes all dishes, pots and pans. Wraparound wooden deck with outdoor table and chairs, gas BBQ, Traeger smoker. Bunkie with double bed. Wooden 6’ x 4’ storage shed, 10’ x 11’ canopy gazebo. Asking $30,000.

D11 Trailer Photos JPG_Page_10.jpg

Site D12 - 2004 Fleetwood Wilderness 24-Foot Trailer - $30,000


2004 24-ft Fleetwood Wilderness travel trailer. Sleeps 7 (queen bed with upgraded mattress, single/double bunk beds, table converts into a bed). Full bathroom with shower/tub. Three-burner propane stove with oven, microwave, fridge, freezer. Includes, dishes, kitchenware, etc. Large lot with deck sealed in 2023, 9 x 11 steel gazebo, propane hookup at back of trailer. Insulated bunkie with two single beds, deck. Steel storage shed, woodshed, BBQ, patio table and chairs. Includes optional 420lb propane tank rental. Asking $30,000.

Site D12

Seasonal Camper Park Rules


In addition to the Park Rules, the following rules apply to seasonal campers (Occupants) and their visitors. Subject to change with or without notice.


  • A visitor is anyone visiting the Site, other than the Occupant. Persons living in the same household that are 24 and under do not pay a visitor fee while the Occupant is present. The Occupant must be present in order to have visitors, unless otherwise pre-approved by the Owner. A higher visitor fee applies when Occupant is not present. 

  • Visitors must be registered prior to or at the time of their arrival, and not afterward. Occupant can register visitors in person at the office, or by phone, email, or text. Please include the number of visitors aged 15 and under, 16 and over, their arrival and departure dates, and whether they require visitor parking. If they require parking in the MTC visitor parking lot, please provide car make, model and colour. The fee for visitors registered in advance will be added to Occupant’s tab.

  • The License of Occupation must be operative and in good standing for visitors to access the Site. Owner reserves the right to ask visitors for ID, limit the number of visitors, or to refuse visitors entry into the Park, at its sole discretion.


Tabs & Invoices

  • An invoice is required before sending payment, unless paying in person at the office. For invoices over $1,000 that are paid by credit card, a 2.4 percent processing fee will apply. Please inform MTC before paying so invoice can be adjusted to include fee. If payment is made by credit card without informing MTC, a 2.4% processing fee will be added to your tab. No processing fee will apply for non-credit card payments. Invoices can be paid in person by debit, Visa debit, cash, credit card, Apple Pay or Google Pay; online by credit card, Visa debit, Apple Pay or Google Pay; over the phone by credit card or visa Debit; e-transfer to; or by cheque. If paying by e-transfer or cheque, please include invoice and site number. For e-transfers, no security question and answer is required. Allow up to 24 hours to receive confirmation of payment receipt by email.  

  • Owner will invoice tabs and hydro fees to Occupant within a week after Park closing, or upon the Occupant vacating the site. The Owner will monitor the tab throughout the season and if it reaches approximately $200 before end of season, the Owner will issue an invoice. Owner can, at any time, refuse to offer a tab and/or request full payment.

  • The standard invoice payment due date is 7 days unless otherwise noted. ayments must be received by the invoice due date. A $20 late payment fee will be charged for all overdue invoices. 


Trailer, Site, Site Improvements & Maintenance

  • Mountain Trout Camp offers seasonal camping only and is open each year beginning the second Friday of May to October Thanksgiving Monday. Outside these dates, Mountain Trout Camp is closed as per the terms of the winter storage contract. Mountain Trout Camp does not provide permanent residency and campsites must be used for recreational and vacation purposes only. Seasonal sites must not be occupied for more than 24 consecutive days per month. 

  • Owner or campground staff have full access to the Site at any time, whether Occupant is present or not.

  • Occupant must not attempt to sell, transfer, lease, sublet, or assign the campsite and the responsibilities, privileges, and obligations provided under the License of Occupation, in total or in part, to another person.

  • All trailer sales must be preapproved by Owner to any potential buyer. Owner has the right to not approve a buyer, with or without reason. A 10% fee must be paid to Owner for all trailer sales. The 10% fee of the purchase price includes the seasonal fee and HST is applicable to this amount. The bill of sale shall show 90% of the sale price to avoid the buyer paying HST twice on the 10% commission amount. The buyer is responsible for paying this fee directly to the Owner by deducting that amount from what is owed to the seller. No for sale signs are permitted anywhere on Occupant’s site.

  • Trailers must be roadworthy, licensed and insured at all times. Trailers must be positioned on a Site to allow for expeditious removal. Although there is no age limit on trailers, all trailers need to be sufficiently maintained and in reasonable condition. All trailers must have a functioning toilet, shower and kitchen. Trailers which are deemed unsuitable must be replaced or removed at Owner discretion. Please discuss with Owner before switching or upgrading to a different trailer, as this requires approval. No trailers more than 8 feet wide (measured without the tip-outs) are permitted. Occupant may take their trailer out of the campground a maximum of twice per season.

  • Site must be kept clean and tidy at all times. This includes decks, sheds, equipment and any other items or structures that may be onsite. Renovation material may not be stored outdoors. Occupant is responsible for yard maintenance (including lawn trimming) and landscaping. If the Owner has to maintain the Site due to the Occupant’s neglect, the Occupant will be charged a fee. No garbage from outside the camp permitted to be thrown in large brown bear proof garbage bin. 

  • Any site improvement must be pre-approved by Owner. This includes planting trees or bushes, clearing of branches/trees/bushes, decks, gravel, fences, sheds, gazebos or bunkies. Occupant must provide Owner with detailed descriptions of planned modification of site. No compromises will be made for non-compliant site improvements which occur without prior approval from Owner. Pre-approved site improvements can occur only between opening day and the Wednesday before Victoria Day weekend and between the Wednesday after Labour Day to the Wednesday before Thanksgiving weekend.

  • All structures are considered temporary fixtures. Structures must be moved or disassembled upon vacating site unless special arrangements have been made with Owner.

  • The maximum permitted size for a shed or bunkie is 100 square feet. Common dimensions are 10’x10’ or 8’x12’. The maximum exterior height is 10 feet from the ground for a flat roof, and 11 feet from ground for a top angle roof. Each site is limited to having one shed and one bunkie. Sunrooms, Florida rooms and add-a-rooms are not permitted with few exceptions. The Occupant will be charged a Structure surcharge fee for any Site structure that results in the Owner’s property taxes being increased as a result of the structure being added.

  • No alterations, construction or encroachments of any kind are allowed beyond the boundaries of Occupant site.

  • Fenced in gates are not permitted.

  • Affixing anything to a tree, including clotheslines or signs, is not permitted. Birdhouses are the only exception.

  • If the Occupant chooses, they can rent a 420lb propane tank for additional fees. Each tank has a meter meter and can be filled to a maximum of 80% capacity. A top-up is offered once a season, which MTC will arrange. It is the Occupant's responsibility to advise Owner whether they require a top-up (a reminder will be sent out beforehand). Mandatory propane inspections (approximately every 10 years) will result in additional fees.

  • Outdoor fridges are only permitted if secured inside a shelter or structure, such as a shed or bunkie.

  • Each seasonal site has a 250‐gallon septic holding tank. Occupant must monitor septic tank level on a regular basis, and request a pump-out when the tank is between 70% and 90% full. Owner offers pump-outs once a week at the beginning of the week. Occupant must notify Owner by end of day Sunday to have their tank pumped early the next week. Nothing other than septic toilet paper (i.e. no tissues, feminine products, garbage) can be flushed.

  • Please recycle by using the blue bins near the large brown garbage bin. Avoid throwing recyclables in the garbage. Owner is responsible for sorting recycling, including all liquor/beer cans and bottles. Plastic bags are non-recyclable. The big brown cardboard bin is for staff use only; please put cardboard in the blue bins. Batteries can be dropped off in the office for recycling.

  • Cooled firepit ashes can be put in the metal cans located behind the brown garbage bin.

  • Leaves can be put in large brown garbage bin or along the pile of rocks on Wyonch Lane. No bags of any kind are permitted to be left on Wyonch lane.

  • No outside garbage or recycling can be brought in and disposed of in the campground bins.

  • The only colour of tarps permitted are brown and green. 


Boat & Vehicle Parking

  • Vehicles or trailers parked in visitors parking must be pre-approved and registered at the office. A $5 fee per day use or per night will be added to Occupant’s tab.

  • Occupant must be preapproved from Owner to park boats on shoreline or against the rock wall. Occupant must clearly identify the boat to Owner. Boats can only be parked when the Occupant is at the Park. There is a charge of $5 per day use or per night for parking a fishing boat on the shoreline. Canoes and kayaks can be parked beside the rock wall during the day only, and not overnight, at no charge. 

  • See Rate Sheet for boat slip and trailer storage fees. Seasonal boat slips are available on a first come, first serve basis. Owner does not guarantee Occupant the same boat slip and may switch boat slips throughout the season if required. Owner reserves the right to cancel a boat slip at any time, and the refund will be prorated. Occupant is responsible for monitoring their boat. Owner is not liable if any damage or theft that may occur. When approaching our Marina, ensure travelling speed is low and look out for swimmer safety. Inflatable toys are permitted to be stored on the boat for day use only, and must be removed by end of day. No music permitted in boats parked on boat slip. When boating on the lake, please be considerate to our neighbours by keeping noise levels low.


Pets , Recreational Vehicles & Motorcycles

  • One dog per site is permitted. German Shepherds, Pitbulls and Rottweilers are not permitted. Seasonal campers who owned more than one dog prior to May 14, 2021 are grandfathered to allow more than one dog, for the lifespan of the dog(s). After the lifespan of the additional dog(s), the Occupant’s limit will be one dog. There is a one strike policy with dogs. If a dog attacks another dog or person at MTC, that dog will no longer be permitted. 

  • As of end of 2021 season, the use of recreational vehicles such as dirt bikes, mopeds, ATVs or golf carts are not permitted. Storage of these vehicles is permitted, however, use within the campground is not. If Occupant used such a vehicle prior to the end of the 2021 season, the vehicle will be grandfathered strictly for entering and exiting campground, or for pulling a boat in and out of the water. If Occupant used a recreational vehicle during the 2021 season, please contact the Owner for registration. Owner at any time may limit usage or cancel grandfather system for any reason to any Occupant. Occupant agrees to have liability insurance for recreational vehicles.

  • Motorcycles are permitted when the exhaust does not sound louder than a car and when it is used strictly to travel to the campsite from home. It can only be used to enter and exit the campground. Motorcycle storage is not permitted onsite while Occupant not present.


  • Birdfeeders, including hummingbird feeders, are prohibited due the risk of inadvertently feeding bears.

  • When emailing MTC, please put your site number in the subject line.

  • MTC will only deliver bulk firewood (half or full cords) when we have at minimum of 4 cords total requested amongst seasonal campers. Please order your firewood well in advance as it could take a few weeks to deliver. Occupant is responsible for stacking their own wood.

  • The Occupant is not permitted to receive mail or parcels at the campground address. Any other type of delivery must be pre-approved by Owner.

  • Posting of signs of any kind must be pre-approved by Owner. 

  • Advertising of business activity to other campers is prohibited, as is conducting business activity that requires customers to visit the Occupant's trailer.

  • Brown bicycles provided by MTC are for short-term campers only. If a seasonal camper requires use on a rare occasion for their guests, please notify the office in advance for approval.

  • Owner encourages Occupant to share any type of concerns, including noise concerns, which will be treated with strict confidentiality. Owner takes it seriously when campers are negatively affecting the enjoyment of other campers.

  • Chimes of any kind are not permitted.

  • Outdoor music permitted at low volume and shall not be heard beyond your site.

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