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Park Rules

Bear Policy

Bear Policy


Office & Registration


Waterpark Safety Rules


Office hours are 9am-10am, 2pm-3pm, and 7pm-8pm. Use call box next to front door if office is unattended during its opening hours, or for check-in, check-out or emergencies. 

These rules are subject to change without notice. The most up-to-date copy will be posted on the Mountain Trout Camp (MTC) website and on the office outdoor bulletin board. These rules apply to all persons entering MTC. Failure to comply with these rules may result in being expelled from the campground without refund. MTC assumes no responsibility for any personal injury, illness, damage, or loss to anyone using our campground including campers, their guests, or their property. All persons entering MTC agrees to these Rules. Adults are responsible for supervising children at all times. Those registering their campsite or accommodation for ensuring their guests and visitors adhere to these Rules.


Bear Policy


MTC campers must follow the rules below to prevent Black Bears from accessing food or garbage:

  • Do not feed wildlife of any kind.

  • Do not store or leave food, coolers, refrigerators, freezers or garbage out of reach or unattended anywhere outside, including in a tent, a dining tent, canvas trailer, truck bed, shed or bunkie, or in a firepit.

  • Pack and store these items in your vehicle, trailer or roofed accommodation, out of sight, with vehicle windows closed.

  • Clean food preparation and eating areas promptly.

  • Dispose of garbage in brown bearproof bin.

  • Do not chase, corner, or throw objects at a bear.

  • Bear bangers are currently permitted, but we ask that campers limit their use. Inquire at Office to borrow or purchase an airhorn.

Campers who violate this policy, with intent or not, may be asked to leave immediately without refund.


  • Quiet time is all the time. Excessive noise (including loud voices, music, dogs barking, etc.) is not permitted at any time of day. Remember, even quiet conversations can carry through a forested area. Music is allowed on your campsite but should not be heard beyond your campsite and cannot be played between the hours of 9:00pm and 9:00am. Generators may be used only during power outages. Drones are not permitted.

  • Please use the designated roads, trails and walkways. Please refrain from walking on other campers’ campsites.

  • No trapping, abusing, feeding or disturbing wildlife. Fishing is not permitted off the big dock with the water ramp.

  • Planned activities and events will be posted on the office bulletin.

  • Smoking is not permitted in any campground building or shelter, or between the boat ramp and the large dock. Put cigarette butts in designated waste bins only.

  • Pets must be kept on leash (6 ft max) at all times, including at the beach. Pets cannot be left unattended at ANY time, inside or outside, and are not permitted inside public bathrooms. Poop and scoop. Loud or aggressive pets will not be tolerated. Pets are not permitted in designated roped off areas in the lake, including the children’s water slide area and the waterpark area.  

  • No parking of vehicles between the office and beach is permitted. This area is for drop off and pick up only.

  • Please avoid going on neighbours’ property (see campground map). There is no crown land around Gillies Lake.

  • In order to reduce light pollution, please do not use bright lights on your campsite.

  • Unless advised otherwise, MTC can use pictures and videos of campers for promotional purposes.


Office & Registration

  • All guests entering the park must register at the office upon arrival and pay any associated fees. Visitors for roofed accommodations and overnight sites must be preapproved by management. Additional charges apply.

  • Roofed accommodation check-in is 4pm and check-out is 10am. Leave key on kitchen table upon check out.

  • Overnight camping site check-in is 2pm and check-out 11am.

  • Late check-ins (after 9pm) must be pre-approved and will be subject to a late arrival fee. 



  • MTC has recorded video monitoring for your safety.

  • The campground is equipped with a First Aid kit, a defibrillator (located on outside office wall) and fire extinguishers.

  • Watch for children, cyclists and small animals. Maximum speed is 8km per hour. Drive on designated roadways only.

  • Parents and guardians are responsible for their children’s safety. Young children must be supervised at all times.  

  • There is no lifeguard on duty and swimming is at your own risk. No diving anywhere, and no jumping off fixed docks. No riding bikes on docks. Use ramps, stairs and beach to enter and exit water. No swimming or fishing between dusk and dawn. Stand-up paddle boards and boats of any kind (except inflatables) are not permitted in the roped-off area around waterpark and floating docks. Seadoos, jet skis and speedboats not permitted.

  • Boats must be registered at office. The parking and docking of boats and boat trailers is at your own risk.

  • No glass is permitted in park and beach/dock area.

  • Life jackets are provided free of charge for your safety. Please return them after each use.

  • Recreational vehicles such as dirt bikes, mopeds and ATVs are not permitted. Motorcycles are permitted when the exhaust does not sound louder than a car and when it is used as the primary means of transportation.

  • Firearms are prohibited and the use of fireworks is not permitted.

  • Fires are permitted in designated firepits only. Do not leave fires unattended and put out fires when done. We sell firewood. Bringing your own firewood is not permitted to help us avoid invasive species. Do not collect wood from the forest.

  • Aggressive behavior and rude language will not be tolerated, nor any type of disturbance.


Waterpark Safety Rules


Use the waterpark at your own risk. There is no lifeguard on duty. Be aware that there is a possibility of injury or drowning.

  •  Ages 5 and over. Minimum height 4 feet. Children must be supervised by an adult at all times. Give smaller children the right of way.

  • No rough play or doing flips. This includes tackling, wrestling, pushing, etc. Keep some space between yourself and others. Always use caution and be aware and considerate of others.

  • Exit the waterpark feet first. Diving is not permitted. Before entering the water, ensure that the space below is clear.

  • Do not swim underneath the waterpark. Do not climb or swim below other users.

  • No food or drink allowed on the waterpark. Do not use the waterpark when under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

  • Do not overload any part of the waterpark.

  • Do not use the waterpark in unsafe weather or water conditions.

  • Dogs are not permitted on the waterpark, dock ramp or within the roped area. 

  • Do not wear any jewellery etc. that might result in the waterpark being damaged or punctured.



  • Do not litter. Put garbage in large brown bearproof bin and recycling in surrounding blue bins. Propane canisters can be left behind the dumpster. The large brown cardboard recycling bin (behind the garbage dumpster) is for staff use only. The garbage can in front of the office is for loose garbage only, not household garbage.

  • Please clean fish station after use and put fish refuse in the freezer next to it.

  • Please conserve water. No washing of vehicles, boats or any kind of equipment is allowed.

  • Cutting of trees/branches/bushes, peeling bark, or driving nails into trees is strictly prohibited without management consent.

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