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One of Ron's Passion's is Fishing on the Bruce Peninsula.  The waters of Gillies Lake provide a great place to cast your line.


3 Reasons we Enjoy Gillies Lake

  • A spring fed lake whose deep, blue water beckons to the fisherman and to those who want to relax.
  • The lake is home to Lake Trout, Perch, Bass and Herring.
  • A protected harbour and private boat launch are located at the camp. Jet skis and jet boats are prohibited on the lake.


Fishing Tips

  • Best Lake Trout Fishing is May & June
  • For Bass, fish the points, pockets, drop offs and humps.
  • End of August is best for herring fishing.
  • Flat line a Rapala for small mouth bass.
  • Tube baits work well for Small mouthed bass.
  • Dew worms work well for perch, small mouth bass & Rock bass.
  • Steel line is still a very productive way of fishing Lake Trout in gillies.
  • Fish for perch on the drop offs.
  • Morning and evening Top water baits can be very productive & fun!
  • Carolina Rigs works well because of the silt bottom.



Fishing Photos