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The Bruce Peninsula is a fabulous location for cyclists whether you enjoy traveling great distances along the backroads of the Bruce Peninsula or visiting the mountain bike parks strategically located.


Cycling from Mountain Trout Camp

If you bring a good cyclocross bike you can leave the campground and travel the 20km one-way to the Cabot Head Lighthouse located on Georgian Bay. The trip there is rather pleasant since you'll be traveling downhill part of the way.  Be aware though that several kms will be on gravel or dirt roads and thus the reason for a more agressive bike than a road bike.  The return trip to Mountain Trout Camp does require some climbing so consider yourself prewarned.


Road Cycling on the Bruce Peninsula

Explore the Bruce has put together a web page with further info on cycling on the Bruce.


Mountain Biking

There are several options for mountain biking on The Bruce.  The Lindsay Tract is the closest to Mountain Trout Camp.